Head Coaches (BLOMHA)

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Listed below are the House League head coaches for the 2022-23 season.

Team Head Coach Name Email
U6 Canadiens Chris Campoli [email protected]
U6 Bruins James Belliveau [email protected]
U6 Knights Mitch Van Hinte [email protected]
U6 Flames Paul Reid [email protected]
U6 Wild Corey Halyk [email protected]
U6 Stars Brian Simo [email protected]
 U6 Senators Graham Kitching [email protected]
 U6 Jets Travis Csoka [email protected]


Team Head Coach Name Email
U7 Bruins Andrew Pittam [email protected]
U7 Flames Ian JB Morgan [email protected]
U7 Canadiens Mark Graham [email protected]
U7 Kings Jack Martino [email protected]
U7 Wild Barry Puhalski [email protected]
 U7 Leafs Victor Gil [email protected]
 U7 Jets Jeff Butt  [email protected] 
 U7 Coyotes Joe Rand [email protected]


Team Head Coach Name Email
U8 Canadiens Andrew Henry [email protected]
U8 Flames Graham Kitching [email protected]
U8 Bruins Chris Gregoire [email protected]
U8 Senators temporary - Paul Milward  [email protected]
U8 Kings Brian de Nobriga  [email protected]
U8 Leafs Brad Harrison [email protected]
U8 Blackhawks Brandon Bernard [email protected]
 U8 Canucks Jeremy Poulin [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U9 Senators Holden Findall [email protected]
U9 Canucks Warren Mascarenhas [email protected]
U9 Flames Adam Tyron Varga [email protected]
U9 Penguins Brendan Morley [email protected]
 U9 Leafs Glen Haley [email protected]
 U9 Flyers Andrew Carden [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
 U10 Sharks Robert Starr  [email protected] 
 U10 Canadiens Ryan McManus  [email protected]
U10 Blackhawks Nicholas Cochrane  [email protected]
 U10 Leafs Cory Prince [email protected]
U10 Kings  Patrick Charron [email protected]
 U10 Bruins Alvin Jung [email protected]
 U10 Ducks Charles Rotshtetter [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U11 Canadiens Thomas D'Souza [email protected]
U11 Bruins Ryan Mihkelson [email protected]
 U11 Blackhawks Andrew Massey [email protected]
U11 Leafs Marcio Cacador [email protected]
 U11 Kings Nick Frape [email protected]
 U11 Ducks Chris Daley [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U12 Leafs  Blake Johnson [email protected]
U12 Kings Connor Keyes [email protected]
U12 Cancuks Todd Barsanti [email protected]
 U12 Flyers Peter Langlois [email protected]
U12 Bruins Brad Watkins [email protected]
U12 Blackhawks Ryan McManus [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U13 Senators Scott Wilson [email protected]
U13 Leafs Wes Dwyer [email protected]
U13 Bruins Mark Aiello [email protected]
U13 Flyers Tom Darling [email protected]
 U13 Blackhawks Dave Fisher [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U14 Bruins Gary Grad [email protected]
U14 Flyers Dennis Bird [email protected]
U14 Leafs Frank Laudadio [email protected]
U14 Senators Jim Mees [email protected]
U14 Blackhawks James Kernaghan [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U15 Leafs Mark Gillis [email protected]
U15 Bruins Craig Dawson [email protected]
U15 Blackhawks Brad Brown [email protected]
U15 Flames Kris Maslanyk [email protected]
U15 Knights  Doug Rogers [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U16 Bruins Jeff Busby [email protected]
U16 Blackhawks Jason Didio [email protected]
U16 Stars Jason Stajan [email protected]
 U16 Leafs Brad Watkins [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U19 Senators Stephen Douma [email protected]
U19 Sharks Kelvin Galbraith [email protected]
U19 Penguins John Thomas [email protected]
U19 Blackhawks Dylan Parton [email protected]
U19 Kings Augustine Chung   [email protected]
U19 Jets Neil Winegarden [email protected]
U19 Bruins William Wallace  [email protected]
 U19 Leafs Tyler McNaughton [email protected]