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Listed below are the House League head coaches for the 2023-24 season.

Team Head Coach Name Email
U6 Sharks Justin Brooks [email protected]
U6 Senators Andy Killip [email protected]
U6 Flames Paul Reid [email protected]
U6 Bruins Ryan Regent [email protected]
U6 Stars Mark Graham [email protected]
U6 Kings Timothy Egan [email protected]
 U6 Flyers Brad Smith [email protected]
U6 Leafs  Scott Mifsud  [email protected]


Team Head Coach Name Email
U7 Flames Mitch Van Hinte [email protected]
U7 Kings Travis Csoka [email protected]
U7 Bruins Doug Ironside [email protected]
U7 Coyotes Brian Simo [email protected]
U7 Flyers Andrew Dennis [email protected]
 U7 Stars Matt Endicott [email protected]
 U7 Leafs Graham Kitching [email protected]
 U7 Senators Bob Yeoman [email protected]


Team Head Coach Name Email
U8 Bruins Brad Lestition [email protected]
U8 Coyotes Mike Yates [email protected]
U8 Flames Greg McQueen [email protected]
U8 Leafs Justin Gaspini [email protected]
U8 Kings Joe Rand [email protected]
U8 Senators Kevin Milner [email protected]
U8 Flyers Shaun Sinclair [email protected]
 U8 Sharks Ryan Whitelaw [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U9 Bruins Brandon Bernard [email protected]
U9 Kings Graham Kitching [email protected]
U9 Leafs Cory Prince [email protected]
U9 Flyers Andrew Henry [email protected]
 U9 Sharks AJ Smith [email protected]
 U9 Wild Marc Cloutier [email protected]
U9 Flames  Holden Flindall [email protected] 
 U9 Senators  Jeff Sarko  [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
 U10 Senators Andrew Carden  [email protected]
 U10 Kings Michael Edmunds [email protected]
U10 Knights Chris Dearden [email protected]
U10 Blackhawks  Blake Hurley [email protected]
U10 Flyers Bruce Green [email protected]
 U10 Sharks Jared Jones [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U11 Senators Ryan McManus [email protected]
U11 Flames Cory Prince [email protected]
 U11 Blackhawks Jonathan Jackson [email protected]
U11 Leafs Alvin Jung/Shane Leavens [email protected]/[email protected]
 U11 Bruins Rob Dargewitcz [email protected]
 U11 Canucks Charles Rotshtetter [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U12 Canucks Andrew Massey [email protected]
U12 Bruins Tom D'Sousa [email protected]
U12 Blackhawks Ryan Mihkelson [email protected]
 U12 Leafs Adam Boljanic [email protected]
U12 Flames Gary Grad [email protected]
U12 Senators Marcio Cacador [email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U13 Knights Matt Mackenzie [email protected]
U13 Flames George Malliaros [email protected]
U13 Leafs Todd Barsanti [email protected]
U13 Senators Jeff Thrasher [email protected]
 U13 Bruins Blake Johnson [email protected]
U13 Blackhawks Dan McKeown

[email protected]m

Team Head Coach Name Email
U14 Bruins Mark Aiello [email protected]
U14 Blackhawks Tony Giannini [email protected]
U14 Senators Wes Dwyer [email protected]
U14 Leafs Tom Darling [email protected]


Team Head Coach Name Email
U15 Bruins Nick Frape [email protected]
U15 Leafs Dennis Bird [email protected]
U15 Flames James Kernaghan [email protected]
U15 Blackhawks Frank Laudadio [email protected]


Team Head Coach Name Email
U16 Leafs Chris Fulton [email protected]
U16 Blackhawks Darren Faint [email protected]
U16 Bruins Bill Crumblehulme [email protected]
 U16 Flames Harrison MacRae h[email protected]

Team Head Coach Name Email
U19 Flames Stephen Douma [email protected]
U19 Penguins Kelvin Galbraith [email protected]
U19 Bruins Barry Johnson [email protected]
U19 Blackhawks Jason Stajan [email protected]
U19 Canucks Chris Butt  [email protected]
U19 Kings Mike Gilmore [email protected]
U19 Knights Jeff Busby  [email protected]
 U19 Leafs Jeff Bent [email protected]
 U19 Flyers  Kevin Jones  [email protected]
 U19 Senators Mark Edwards [email protected]
U19 Devils  Agost Lourenco [email protected]
 U19 Stars Becky Kellar [email protected]