Trainer's Paperwork (BLOMHA)

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Player Health Sheet
Player Health Sheets are to be given out to the Parents of each player to be filled out and returned to the Team Trainer. Trainers are to have them at the rink in case of emergency. These are to stay with the team Trainer and/or Head Coach in the absence of the Trainer, and are to be destroyed at the end of each hockey season.
Player Health Sheet

Hockey Canada Injury Report (HCIR)

Injury reporting, follow up and proper treatment are important components for BLOMHA. This form must be completed for each case where an injury is sustained by a player, spectator or any other person at a sanctioned BLOMHA activity. All injuries are to be submitted to the BLOMHA staff and the Director of Risk Management. Any injuries that result in a player/person being taken to a hospital, please notify BLOMHA within 24 hours of the event. Once a player has recovered from injury, they are required to have a Doctor’s note stating they may return to play, and must have participated in at least 1 practice prior to playing in a game.

Injury Report

Concussion Awareness

Concussions are a serious injury and should be treated as such. Being aware of the symptoms and signs of a concussion and the proper Return To Play procedure is very important. Rowan's Law and it's Acknowledgement Form provide the most up to date information and protocol available within minor hockey.

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