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House League Program 2024-2025

The House League program is primarily intended to provide players from 9 to 18 years old the opportunity to play recreational hockey. There are no tryouts; each player is assigned a team in the appropriate age division and at this level teams usually have one (1) practice and one (1) game per week (please read about scheduling below). 

Our association's goal is to provide a positive environment that encourages respect, discipline and good sportsmanship among coaches, players, parents and game officials. For the players, the primary goals are to have fun, to learn the fundamentals of the game, and the importance of camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Coaches are encouraged to give equal ice time regardless of skill or talent. 

Registration for all ages is open! Click here to register. Fees have not increased for the 2024-2025 season.

Season begins in early October and ends in March 2025

AGE DIVISIONS - Based on birth year as of December 31, 2024

Division Birth Year
U9 2016
U10 2015
U11 2014
U12 2013
U13 2012
U14 2011
U15 2010
U16 2009
U21 2006/2007/2008

Please note that our "U21" division only encompasses players with the birth year 2006/2007/2008. Hockey Canada calls it U21, but in reality, the oldest a player will be in this age division is 18.

The third and subsequent child registered in one family receives a $200.00 discount. You must register all three children at the same time for this discount to be applied. 

 Please note the schedule below is the least number of times that teams will be on the ice. It is our hope that teams will be on the ice twice per week, however due to the other special events, break down of facility equipment and weather conditions teams may not be on the ice at all on a particular weekend or just once.

4 weeks

Number of sessions/games/practices

Week One on-ice twice - i.e. Saturday and Sunday
Week Two on-ice once    i.e. Saturday or Sunday
   Teams from U9 - U16 will be on the ice a minimum of forty (40) times for games, practices and playoffs. Due to many variables not all teams will end up with the exact same total at the end of season nor will they have played the same number of games or had the same number of practices.

U6 - 8 will be on the ice a minimum of  forty (40) times for games or practices. As noted above the total number of times that teams that have been on the ice will not always be the exact same.

U19 will be on the ice once per week on Sundays for games. Teams will play a minimum of twenty (20) games including playoffs.