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Q. What is the refund policy for House League?

 Any House League player withdrawing from BLOMHA will be subject to the following refund policy and refunds must be requested by completing the on-line form under the Forms tab.

Once registered with BLOMHA
• Total fee refundable LESS $50 Administration Fee.
• LESS $50 Late fee if registration was after August 15th (if applicable).
• LESS $20 if jersey is not returned (if applicable).
After first scheduled ice time up to December 1st
• Total fee refundable LESS $20 per team scheduled ice session, regardless of attendance.
• LESS $50 Administration Fee.
• LESS $50 Late fee if registration was after August 15th (if applicable).
• LESS $20 if Jersey is not returned (if applicable).
After December 1st

INJURIES OR ILLNESS: Withdrawals due to injury or illness will be calculated from the date that BLOMHA receives the required Doctor’s note.
• Total fee refundable LESS $20 per scheduled team ice session, regardless of attendance
• LESS $50 Administration Fee.
• LESS $50 Late fee if registration was after August 15th (if applicable).
• LESS $20 if Jersey is not returned (if applicable). 

Q. Where do I go to complete the Respect in Sport for Hockey Parents Certificate?
BLOMHA has joined hockey associations across the country who are requiring parents to take part in a Hockey Canada program before the start of the 2021-2022 season. It is an on-line certificate course called 
Respect in Sport for Hockey Parents. At least one parent or guardian of each player born in 2009 or later is required to complete this program as a condition of participation.

The program takes one hour to complete and allows users to progress at their own convenience. The cost is $12.00 per family and payment can be made on-line. The fee goes to Hockey Canada, which administers the program. A certificate along with a completion number will be provided (one per family) and that information will be added into the Hockey Canada database. This program must be completed prior to your child starting the season or they will not be permitted to participate until it is completed.

Once completed, you should print out your certificate for your records. NOTE: The BLOMHA office does not need a copy of this certificate, however we may ask you for it. Once you have completed the course it will appear on your child's Hockey Canada profile.

One of the most common reasons cited by coaches, managers and team officials for leaving a sport is unacceptable parent behaviour. The Respect in Sport (RIS) program along with BLOMHA's code of conduct policy will help support parent behaviour to create a more rewarding, safe, and respectable environment for all.

Take the RIS course!

Q. How do I become certified as a trainer?
All House League teams from U9 (Novice) through to U19 (High School) must have a certified trainer on their bench staff. Teams in the Initiation Program (U6, U7, U8) do not require a trainer. In order to certify as a BLOMHA trainer you must take the Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP) which is an on-line course offering Level 1 and Level 1 Refresher courses. Please remember to indicate "Burlington Alliance or AH-Alliance" when prompted for Association during sign up (not OMHA).

Take the the HTCP course!

Q. Is there "tiering" in House League?

All divisions from U10 (Minor Atom) through U18 (High School) In Divisions where their are eight (8) teams, each team will play each other once and then teams will be divided into two divisions of four (4) based on total points.

Players of all skill levels play together on teams. With the best efforts and intentions the teams are balanced based on the previous season's player evaluations. Age divisions from U10 (Minor Atom) and above are created by a player draft done by the division Head Coaches, Directors and Staff.

Q. How many players/goalies are on each team?

A. U9 (Novice):
 18 skaters per team. Two (2) sets of goaltending equipment will be provided by BLOMHA through the Head Coach. These teams play half-ice games until mid-January.

U10 (Minor Atom)-U18 (High School): 15 skaters and goalies. If their are two goalies on a team each goalie will receive a 50% discount on their registration. (Minor Atom) and U11 (Atom) players or teams that require goaltending equipment will be issued one set by BLOMHA through the Head Coach.

Q. At what age can I register my player as a goalie?

At U10 (Minor Atom) players may register as goaltenders. Depending on the number of goalies registered, one or two goalies may be placed on a team. If a goaltender does not have equipment in U10 (Minor Atom) or U11 (Atom), one set of equipment will be provided to the player through the Head Coach.

Players aged 7 and 8 will have the opportunity to rotate through the goaltending position during the season. In the U8 Initiation Program each team will be provided with one (1) set of equipment. At U9 (Novice) each team will be provided with two (2) sets of equipment. Head Coaches will be assigned and have oversight of the equipment

Q. Can I request a specific coach or to play with a friend?
Unfortunately we cannot accept special requests for coaches or friends as teams must be balanced based on the skill level of players. However, a Head Coach may protect up to three players (one of which is their own child) whose parents volunteer with the the team as a trainer or an assistant coach.

The exception to this is in the Initiation Program (U6, U7 and U8). Please fill out the Team and Same Coach request form.

Q. Are there tryouts and evaluations in House League?

There are no tryouts for House League. Everyone is eligible to play. Players are assigned to teams through a draft process which takes place prior to the season.

Q. My child has a disability, are they eligible to play?

BLOMHA recognizes its obligations to accommodate players pursuant to the grounds enumerated under the Ontario Human Rights Code. In the event that accommodation may be required, please contact the BLOMHA office to discuss this matter at the time of registration.

Q. I just moved to the area, do I have to do anything special?
If you have just moved to Burlington from another city within Ontario, please fill out the Residential Move Form available at the office and and submit it to the BLOMHA office with accompanying documents.

If you moved within Burlington, please fill out the Local Move Form and submit to the BLOMHA office so your records can be updated. RESIDENTIAL MOVE FORM - Local

If you are moving to Burlington from another province and you were registered with Hockey Canada in your former city you will need to fill out an Inter-Branch Transfer Form.

Q. How do I volunteer on the bench with a team?
For information and to register yourself as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach or a Trainer go to the Coaches/Volunteers TAB.

Q. How do I obtain a coaching certification?

Head Coaches in House League must have a minimum Coach 2 Level certification, a valid Police Clearance, Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders and the Gender Identity and Expression course. Coaching clinics will be held in late August or September in the Burlington area. Go to the Coaches/Volunteers TAB and then click on "Coaching Certification Requirements".

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