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Below you will find answers to questions regarding registration, becoming a Team Official and general inquiries:

General Questions for the 2019-2020 SEASON:

What are the age-categories that BLOMHA offers in House League?

The divisions (age-categories) are based on birth year as of December 31st, 2019.

Initiation Program (4 & 5yrs) 2014 /2015
Initiation Program (6yrs) 2013
Initiation Program (7yrs) 2012

Novice: (8yrs) 2011
Minor Atom: (9yrs) 2010
Atom: (10yrs) 2009
Minor Peewee: (11yrs) 2008
Peewee: (12yrs) 2007
Minor Bantam: (13yrs) 2006
Bantam: (14yrs) 2005
Minor Midget: (15yrs) 
High School Program: (16-18yrs) 2001-2003

What is the tentative schedule for practices and games?

It is very important to know that there are NO morning practices Monday through Friday for any division (except House League Select Minor Atom - Minor Bantam (which are full ice).

This guide is tentative and subject to change depending on the number of teams: Teams are not on the ice every weekend due to special events within the city. Games or practices may alternate at times.   

Initiation Program (4-5yrs): Saturdays 7am-12pm Aldershot - Sundays Wave Twin Rinks - AM / TBD 

Initiation Program (6yrs): Saturdays Wave Twin Rinks AM / TBD - Sundays 8am-12pm Aldershot    

Initiation Program (7yrs): Saturdays  2pm-7pm Aldershot - Sundays 8:30am-12:30pm Skyway

Novice: Saturdays 8:00am-12:00pm Central - Sundays 8:30am-1:30pm Skyway

Minor Atom: Saturday 8am-1pm Mainway 1 - Sunday 1pm-6pm Nelson

Atom:  Saturday 8:30am-1:30pm Mainway 2 - Sunday 7:30am-11:30am Mainway 2

Minor Peewee: Saturdays 8:00am-1:00pm Nelson - Sunday 7:30am-12:30pm Appleby 2

Peewee: Saturdays 1:00pm-5:00pm Nelson - Sunday 12:30pm-5:30pm Appleby 2 

Minor Bantam: Saturdays 8:00am-1:00pm Central - Sunday 12:30pm-5:30pm Mainway 2

Bantam: Fridays 6:00pm-10:00pm Appleby 3 - Saturdays 8:00am-12:00pm Appleby 1 (32 games + 4 practices (including playoffs).

Minor Midget: Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm Appleby 3 - Sundays 2:00pm-6:00pm Appleby 3 (32 games + 4 practices (including playoffs)

High School Program: Sundays 2:00pm-8:00pm Mainway 1 (24 games (includes playoffs)

Where do I go to take the Parent Respect in Sport and what is it?

BLOMHA has joined Hockey Associations across the country who are requiring parents to take part in a Hockey Canada program before the start of the 2019 season.  It is an online program called "Respect in Sport Parent Program". At least one parent or guardian of each player born in 2007 or later is required to complete this program as a condition of participation.

The program takes one hour to complete and allows users to progress at their own convenience.  The cost is $12.00 per family and payment can be made online.  The fee goes to Hockey Canada, which administers the program.  A certificate along with a completion number will be provided (one per family) and that information will be added into the Hockey Canada database.  This program must be completed prior to your child starting the season or they will not be permitted to participate until it is completed.

Once completed, you can print out your certificate for your records. Note: The Blomha office does not need a copy of this certificate, as Hockey Canada is electronically attached to Respect in Sport and we see your completion of the course in your child's profile. 

This program is different from Speak Out and Respect in Sport for coaching staff.  This is specifically designed for Parents and therefore EVERY family is required to have at least ONE parent take this specific program. Those families that have already completed the program (perhaps through another sport or another child enrolled in BLOMHA) will not have to repeat the program, providing they have the supporting documentation. You can get that documentation by clicking the link below and logging in with the username and password you used when you took the course. You can then print out a confirmation page.  

One of the most common reasons cited by coaches, managers and officials of all ages leaving a sport is unacceptable parent behaviour. The "Respect in Sport" program along with BLOMHA's code of conduct policy will help support parent behaviour to create a more rewarding, safe, and respectable environment for all.

Click here to take the course

Instructions to register for the program are located here:
Suggested User Instructions

Is there Body-Checking in House League Play or in House League "Select Teams"?

There is no body-checking within the entire hockey program.

Is there "Tiering" in House League? 

All divisions from Minor Atom through Midget will be seeded into two divisions after a predetermined number of weeks and gamesThis means that we create two divisions (upper/lower) based on standings and then have teams within the two divisions play each other, and then we have a separate Minor Hockey Day for both divisions.

Players of all abilities play together on teams. To the best of our ability we balance teams with players of all abilities based on players who were evaluated according to the previous season's evaluation reports. Some divisions will also be drafted by Head Coaches. 

How many players/goalies are on each team?

Initiation Program 4-7yrs (18 players per team) From Initiation 7, age groups, players that are willing will be rotated through the goalie position. The goalie equipment is provided by BLOMHA for the Initiation Program 7 year olds through the Head Coach. Initiation Program 4-5-6 players do not wear goalie equipment. 

Novice: Maximum of 15 skaters per team plus two goalies. Goalie equipment will be provided.

Minor Atom - Midget: 15 skaters plus one or two goalies. Minor Atom teams that require goalie equipment will be issued one set to the Head Coach.   

At what age can I register my player as a goalie?

All players ages 7-8 have the opportunity to rotate through goal during the season. Each team will be provided with two sets of equipment.

Goalies are assigned for the season starting in the Minor Atom division, 9 years old. Up to two goalies will be placed on teams depending on the number of goalies registering.  Remember to choose the goalie position when registering online. One set of equipment will be provided for each team.

Can I request a specific coach or friend?

Unfortunately we cannot accept special requests for coaches or friends as we must balance teams with players of all abilities. However, the Head Coach may protect up to four players (one of which is his/her own) whose parents are volunteering on the team as trainer or assistant coaches.

The exception to this is at the Initiation Program divisions 4-7 year olds where scores are not kept. Please email the office with requests for these divisions only.

Are there tryouts and evaluations?

There are no tryouts for House League.  Everyone is eligible to play.  All goalies Minor Atom through Midget must attend for evaluations in mid September. Players will be advised of the date, time and location.  

My son/daughter has a disability, is he/she eligible to play?

BLOMHA recognizes its' obligations to accommodate players pursuant to the grounds enumerated under the Ontario Human Rights Code.  In the event that accommodation may be required, please contact the BLOMHA office to discuss this matter at the time of registration.

How long is the season?

The season starts late September for some divisions and continues to the end of March 2020.  Minor Hockey Day takes place early April 2020 for teams that qualify.

What equipment is required?

CSA approved hockey helmet / chin strap properly fastened
CSA approved facial protector properly fastened
BNQ approved neck guard
Hockey Pants
Athletic support and cup / jill for girls
Mouth guard not mandatory but recommended
Shoulder Pads
Elbow Pads
Hockey Gloves
Knee/shin pads
Hockey socks (supplied as part of registration)
Hockey Jersey (supplied as part of registration)
Water bottle - players must use their own bottle at all times
Hockey Stick (tape)

The association supplies goalie equipment to each team from IP 7 to Minor Atom. Atom age goaltenders and above must have their own goalie equipment.

Registration Questions:

How do I register?

Online and in office registration will open April 1st and continue until divisions are full.

What are the fees for 2019-2020 ?

Fees noted below are all inclusive:

Initiation Program 4-5-6-7 & Novice  $520.00

Minor Atom - Minor Bantam              $540.00

Bantam - Minor Midget                     $600.00

Midget -                                          $500.00


Is there a discount for multiple players in one family?

The third and subsequent child registered for house league in one family receive 50% off their registration fee.

What is the refund policy? House League:

All refunds must be requested in person at the BLOMHA office. Refunds will be given by cheque and may take up to two weeks to process.

A $75 administration fee will apply for withdrawing from the House League program prior to the start of the season 2019 (first on ice session). Sweater/Socks Must be returned to the office before refund is processed.

50% of total fees will be refunded for any withdrawals during the month of October. Sweater/Socks must be returned to the office before refund is processed.

No refunds after October 31, 2019 unless it is for medical reasons and a Doctors note is supplied indicating that the player is unable to return to hockey for the remainder of the season. Player(s) will receive 50% of the registration fee up to December 31st (medical only). Sweater/Socks to be returned before refund is processed.

Absolutely No Refunds after December 31st. 

I just moved... do I have to do anything special?

If you have just moved to Burlington from another City within Ontario, please fill out the residential move form available at the office and and submit it to the BLOMHA office with accompanying documents. 

If you moved within Burlington, please fill out the local move form and submit to the BLOMHA office so your records can be updated. RESIDENTIAL MOVE FORM -Local

If you are moving to Burlington from another Province and you were registered with Hockey Canada in your former City you will need to fill out the Branch transfer. Interbranch Transfer Form

Team Official's Questions (coaches/trainers etc..):

I would like to volunteer on the bench. What do I have to do to get placed on a team?

Register yourself as a Head Coach/Ass't Coach/Trainer online.
Direction on this can be found under "Volunteers"   


How do I obtain coaching certification?

Head coaches in House League must have at minimum Coach Stream 1 certification and Respect in Sport.  Clinics will be held early September & mid October in Burlington. Check our web page under "Volunteers" then click "Certification". 

How do I obtain trainer's certification?

The Hockey Canada's Trainer's Certification course can be completed online. Indicate "Burlington Alliance or AH-Alliance" when prompted for Association during sign up (not OMHA).

Link to Trainer's Course

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