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2019 / 2020 Goaltending Overview

BLOMHA’s approach to the position of goaltending is two-fold: provide the opportunity for younger aged children to try the position; and to focus on improving all of our goalies’ skating proficiency in conjunction with honing specific goalie skills.

Our House League goalie rotation program starts at Initiation Program 7 (Minor Novice) and continues in Novice (8). Goalie equipment is provided to the teams so no investment is required by the parents to have their children try the position. The program also eliminates the need for a season-long commitment by any one player. The element of the pressure to win is replaced by the enjoyment of trying something new.

Washington Capitals No. 1 Braden Holtby won the Vezina Trophy in 2016 and added the Stanley Cup this season, so goaltending parents everywhere might want to pay attention when he lists not being a full-time goalie at too young an age as one of the keys to his success. ­– InGoal Magazine | June 20, 2018 | Read full article


Our Skating Improvement Program (SIP sessions) are available to House League, Select and Rep MD goalies at all ages. A goalie’s skating competence becomes very apparent when the pads come off and they run through drills. Therefore these sessions are conducted without goalie equipment in order to assess skill level and allow participants to push their limits without the restriction of goalie pads. The sessions work on turning, stopping, acceleration, crossovers, backwards skating and specific skills related to goalie crease movement.

Participants wear tracksuits with basic safety equipment – helmet with a full cage, regular gloves and stick, neck guard and regular skates or goalie skates, elbow and shin pads and a protective cup (jock). Full out equipment if you have it. Goalie masks can be worn if a regular helmet is not available.

“He (Holtby’s father) really encouraged me to play as a forward and a goaltender … so I played both up until peewee, which really helped develop my skating, helped develop my puck handling, all those other things you wouldn’t really get by choosing to be just a goaltender at a really young age,” Holtby said. – InGoal Magazine | June 20, 2018 | Read full article



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