2022-2023 Rep MD Bulldogs - Player Registration (BLOMHA)

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  1. Please continue to BLOMHA website and read the following REP Regulations pertaining to the following:
    • Refund/Resignation/Injury
    • Vacation During Rep Season
    • Banishment of Individuals
  2. 1. I/My participating child, hereby agree(s) to abide by and support current ALLIANCE Hockey Code of Conduct and Fair Play Rules, including rules, regulations and decisions of Alliance Hockey, Ontario Hockey Federation, Hockey Canada and BLOMHA. The Alliance Code of conduct states the standard of behaviour, which is expected of all Alliance Hockey parents and participants. For the purpose of this policy, participants shall include all BLOMHA players, parents, guardians, coaches, volunteers, directors, officers, committee members, convenors, team managers, trainers, administrators, and employees.

    2.  I, the participant/player acknowledge that from time to time I/my child may be traveling from place to place, sleeping away from home, and eating away from home. I reserve the right to take action from negligence but, subject to that, I release the ALLIANCE and BLOMHA including all members, coaches, managers, and Association executive from any responsibility.

    3. Parents and participants of BLOMHA shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values of Alliance Hockey and BLOMHA, which includes fairness, integrity, and mutual respect. During all Alliance and BLOMHA activities and events, parents and participants shall avoid behaviour, which brings Alliance, BLOMHA or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to the use of alcohol, cannabis, and non-medical drugs.

    4.    I/my child, hereby understand(s) and appreciate(s) that participation as a hockey player carries a degree of risk and could result in injury, including permanent disability, paralysis, or death. I/my participating child acknowledge, accept, and assume these risks.

    5. I/my participating child, hereby grant Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association (BLOMHA) and Alliance Hockey, the irrevocable right to use worldwide, without compensation, my image or likeness captured during any game, tournament, event or activity in any photographic, video, digital imaging or other audio/visual format for the purpose of publicity, marketing, promotion, news clips, public service announcements, video production, television broadcasts and/or website postings during the current hockey season. I/my participating child understand that our name may be used in conjunction with such images.

    I the participant/parent agree to abide by and Hockey Canada, OHF, Alliance or BLOMHA rules, regulations, and decisions. By completing this registration, I the participant/parent signify and confirm that I have read the Alliance Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest policy, BLOMHA Social Media policy, BLOMHA bylaws/regulations and Rowans Law Concussion protocols. All relevant documents are listed on the BLOMHA website under the ONLINE Libraries section.

    Failure to comply with this agreement may result in disciplinary action in accordance with Alliance and BLOMHA policies. Such actions may result in parent/participant losing privileges that come with membership in BLOMHA and Alliance, including the opportunity to participate in BLOMHA and Alliance activities and events, both present and future.

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    • All teams will be contacted by their respective team officials regarding scheduling, practice, games, and more.
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