2022-2023 Learn to Skate Registration Form (BLOMHA)

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  1. Program Information

    Skaters are assessed at their first session, and then grouped by ability. Participants will develop their skating ability, this includes standing on their own, balancing on edges, striding, stopping, keeping eyes up, and more.

    Program Details

    • Age: 3-7
    • Skill level: No previous skating experience is required
    • Time: Clinics are 30 minutes, once a week for 11 weeks
    • Equipment: Skates, hockey helmet with a cage, snow or waterproof pants, and warm mittens or gloves

    Registration is also available at BLOMHA office. If you are interested in 2023 clinics, please contact the office.

    BLOMHA Certified Skating Instructors

    Jacqueline Beriault, Lead Instructor
    Jacqueline has over 10 years of Learn-to-Skate experience in Burlington and Oakville. With her passion for skill development, sport, and inclusion, Jackie has contributed to the skating abilities for players between the ages of 4-21. Jacqueline's devotion to expertise, partnership, and progress have become invaluable assets to BLOMHA and our members. She has a Bachelor of Education and is a member of the Ontario Teachers College.

    Judith Beriault, Assistant Instructor
    Judith has spent over 30 years on and off the ice in support of skaters. As a skater, coach, and administrator, she models teaching and learning that focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle. Judith works enthusiastically to celebrate skater success and encourages skaters to rise to new challenges. Judith has a Masters of Education and is a member of the Ontario Teachers College. 
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2022 Fall Program

2023 Winter Program
If interested in 2023 programs, please contact the BLOMHA office.

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  1. I acknowledge that all of the above information is correct. I understand that payment is separate from any credit balances that I may have with BLOMHA, and any such credit will not be applied against payment for these sessions.

    Registration cancellations are subject to a credit. 

    The undersigned is responsible for the conduct of the player while participating in this program. The player shall be governed by the rules established by BLOMHA. Missed classes will not be reimbursed. It is understood that the undersigned person of legal age or legal guardian shall not hold the program or their instructors, administrators, officials, or the facility used liable in the event of injury or loss in any manner whatsoever. I specifically waive, give up and release to BLOMHA, its related companies and their staff from all liability for any claim for damages which I may have relating to injuries or illness that my child may sustain. By signing this waiver, I also certify that my child is in good health, with no chronic illness or abnormal tendencies. The participant listed above is registered under the care of the undersigned and assumes all risks through enrollment in this program which consists of physical interaction capable of injury. The player must wear hockey helmet with cage when on the ice. I have read and understand all items on this participant form. I understand that I am permitting BLOMHA to use my email address for company-related communications. I the undersigned agree to allow BLOMHA and/or its related companies to use the participants' names and or pictures for advertising purposes. Please note this league is only permitted to run if the emergency order is lifted by the Ontario Government. If emergency order is not lifted, customers are entitled to a refund. 
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