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From time to time BLOMHA has open ice for sale.  The ice is rented on a first come, first paid basis. The cost of a one hour rental is $185.00 unless otherwise noted..  Ice is also available at a reduced cost if taken on short notice or at a late hour.  

A travel permit (available below) must be presented when purchasing extra ice. The Designated Blomha Official will authorize the permit and it must then be carried to the arena as proof of purchase and insurance coverage.

  • The ice available for sale is for BLOMHA participants only.
  • The ice time cannot be used for parent/player games or parties.
  • Players who are not on the same team may not be on the ice unless approved by the BLOMHA office and recorded on the permit.

Fill in the details on the Travel Permit - Email to Contact below

Ice For Sale     One Hour unless otherwise stated:   Contact For Ice: [email protected]  


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