SIP Sessions for Goalies (BLOMHA)

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Skating Improvement Practice (SIP) Sessions

These sessions are goalie-specific training developed by BLOMHA as part of our organization’s commitment to grow the interest in, and the advancement of, the goaltending position at all age groups.

Goaltending styles vary and lessons are tailored to a goalie’s strengths, but one thing that is generally not considered is a goalie’s skating prowess. Goalies stall at certain levels in minor hockey, not because of their tutors, but because of their skating skills ... the missing link to young goalies growing and continuing on as goalies.

Our Skating Improvement Practice (SIP) program is designed to address this missing link and have our young goalies enjoy training, and continue to excel as goalies.

Our video is a brief introduction to the program and the testimonials from the kids and parents will affirm our belief in the value of our program.


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