Goalie Development Overview (BLOMHA)

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Rep Program

This year we will concentrate on making our goalies better skaters. Every team will have two visits during scheduled skills practices at the start of the season. The first visit will be a review of our Skating Improvement Program (SIP sessions) and the second will be to review the year’s goalie skills development.

All Rep head coaches will designate a goalie coach for the year. Goaltending background is an asset but we are not always fortunate enough to have people with this experience. We do want people who can skate and who have a general knowledge of the game and are willing to learn the basic, specific skills that need to be reinforced throughout the year.

An in-class seminar for all goalie coaches and goalie parents will be held September 26th at 6:30pm. At this time BLOMHA's goalie program and policies will be reviewed, along with any changes to the position of goal.

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