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Jr. Bulldogs Skill Development

The 2019-2020 program is geared to Initiation Program (IP) and House League players of various ages and skill levels. There will be three different evening sessions to accommodate different age groups. The program for 2015/2014 birth years will be on Tuesdays; 2013/2012 birth years will be on Wednesdays and the program for 2011/2010 birth years will be on Thursdays.

The program focus is on the development of the specific skills of hockey as found in the Hockey Canada Skills Inventory. These primary skills are skating, passing, shooting, puck control and stick-handling. Within each of these skills categories there are many specific skills to be learned and developed by participants. Guiding players through the successful development and advancement of these sets of skills into efficient use during game-play is the ultimate goal of our Jr. Bulldogs Skill Development sessions.

Participants will learn and develop the following from certified coaches:

1) Skating skills (balance and agility, edge control, starting and stopping, forward skating and striding, backward skating, turning and crossovers) both with and without the puck.
2) Stationary puck control
3) Moving puck control
4) Stationary passing and receiving
5) Passing and receiving while in motion
6) Skills of shooting
7) Individual offensive tactics

To register for the Tuesday Skill Development sessions (2015, 2014) click here
To register for the Wednesday Skill Development sessions (2013, 2012) click here
To register for the Thursday Skill Development sessions (2011, 2010) click here

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