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The Initiation Program provides children the opportunity to learn fundamental movement and fundamental sport skills in a quality program tailored just for them. The IP maximizes ice utilization through the use of teaching (drill) stations and cross-ice and / or half-ice games. More puck touches for young players means more skill development and more fun! In the cross-ice environment, a player's activity increases and so does their skill set and love of the game!

Puck Use: Lightweight Blue Puck

Like with other sports, in addition to reducing the size of the playing surface, Minor Hockey Alliance Associations also use the 4 oz. lightweight blue puck, giving players the opportunity develop the mechanics of, and confidence in, their puck control and shooting skills.

Initiation Program Objectives:

  • The development of young children as hockey players.
  • Focus on skill development and fun without the pressures of winning.
  • Create participants and instructors who will continue in the game.
  • Fun, Fitness and Fair Play.

Resource Videos 

Hockey Canada Initiation Program 

From a Childs View 

Meet the Parents Group 

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